North Stars ft. Raghunathan Narayanan

Raghu learnt his first lessons of cooperation, sharing and inclusion from his grandmother, Lakshmi patti, who received people with respect, dignity, and her filter coffee.

Hailing from a humble home in a small town called Pudukottai, Raghu belongs to a God-fearing Brahmin family of grandparents, parents and three young boys. One of his early memories is of farmers coming into the village to visit weekly markets and sell their produce, walking into his house and spending the night in their backyard, resting their bulls outside. It was a regular weekly occurrence for the family who would receive villagers as easily as we receive our friends.  Imagine what a young child growing up in this environment would grow up to be.

naghma mulla

Owner of the loudest laugh in the room and a development sector professional by day, Naghma is a by-mistake CA, who writes what she feels and feels what she writes.